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📮 Community News - April

Samuel Pais
Samuel Pais Sprykee Posts: 69 ⚖️ - Guardians (admin)
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Greetings CommerceQuest Crew,

back again with another round of news and updates for you! A lot has happened in the last weeks while EXCIT(E)ing (pun intended 😁) stuff is coming up too!

Without further ado - let's go! 🚦

March Leaderboard Champions 🏆

We salute these fellow members who showed their ambitions and contributions in March!

🥇 - @victor.vanherpt spearheading the champion cohort

🥈 - followed by @andreas.fluer

🥉 - and @mjung

Well done everybody! We are glad to have you alongside us!

Level Up 🆙

Leaderboard Champion in March and level up to Astro Novice - Kudos to @victor.vanherpt 👏🏻

PSA: @przemyslaw.szychowski , @benjamin.reuter @christiankilb @mjung @vasily.rodin - you're close to your level up too 😁

💥 Reenergizing Our Contribution and Pull Request Processes!

@Andrew Chekanov recently shared a great post about Spryker's platform opening and how YOU can become an integral part via contributions and Pull Requests. I won't steal his thunder, so take a close look here 👇🏻

Improvements in the Data Exchange API ↔️

In addition to the previous announcement, there have been several improvements to Spryker's Data Exchange API 🥳

Now, working with complex data entities and their relationships is possible.
To create or update an entity and its related entities, you can include the relationships directly in the request payload and reflect the hierarchy and connections between the main entity and its child entities.

Get started with these references:

Meet the community 🫂

A bunch of great events are coming up - will we see you at one of them? 🥹

Spryker Digital User Group - Virtual - April 30th ❤️

Next UG meetup - it's free and you can join from everywhere.

This time all about the Spryker Product Spring release, best practices, and community open floor.

Hackathon - Turbine Kreuzberg & Spryker - Berlin - May 13th & 14th

We're pumped to team up with Turbine Kreuzberg and organize another hackathon with them. After the great in-person user group meetup last year, it's great to be back at their office 😁

Sign-up + more details -

Spryker Excite 24 - Berlin - September 12th 🤩

Excite has evolved into that great community gathering in the commerce space, so doing it again in 2024 was kind of a no-brainer.

It awaits you a packed agenda plus great side events - block the time in your calendar - it will be awesome!

Everything you need to know plus sign up

Worth your time 📖 ✨

A selection of pieces on CQ that you might enjoy 🫶🏻

Have a great time out there!


Sam 🧑🏻‍🚀


  • Lauren Kulwicki
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    Love your monthly updates @Samuel Pais - they just get better & better 🤩