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A great blogpost about *How do I get better at writing?* By James Stanier, current Director of Engin

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A great blogpost about How do I get better at writing? By James Stanier, current Director of Engineering at Shopify, and author of Become an Effective Software Engineering Manager & Effective Remote Work.
TL;DR: In this post he mention some reasons that people struggle with writing:

#1: Writing to think is not writing to communicate: The issue here is that the text that you produce in order to think about the world and come up with a solution to the problem is rarely the best text to portray your view to the reader.

#2: An inability to imagine yourself as the reader: when a writer is unable to imagine themselves as the reader of their work. You have to know your audience.

#3: A lack of clear actions and next steps: Saving your readers time by being explicit in what you want is one of the biggest gifts that you can give.

#4: Just not enough time in the gym: You can’t expect to become a good writer overnight. It takes lots of practice.

The reason is that writing shares many similarities with programming. It is a lifelong craft, and you can always improve, right up until the end. Those that succeed at becoming excellent programmers are the ones that fall in love with the ability to express themselves and to solve problems elegantly, rather than those that have a sole aim to become wealthy or notable in some way.