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Spryker Product Release - Spring 2024 🌼

Samuel Pais
Samuel Pais Sprykee Posts: 69 ⚖️ - Guardians (admin)
edited May 21 in Spryker News

Hi CQ crew,

today is a special day at Spryker - it's time for our spring product release. 🎊

It includes a diverse range of essential features and improvements designed to drive efficiency for businesses striving to achieve peak performance. 💥

Read along or check it out for yourself 👇🏻

Official Page

Release Notes on Spryker Docs

Some highlights for you! 🫶🏻

💸 Connect your Stripe services with the Stripe App to ensure smooth global payments
🙋Streamline merchant support in your marketplace with Agent Assist
🤝 Simplify the initiation and management of merchant relations in B2B marketplaces
🥊 Reinforce your defense against cybersecurity threats with Managed SOC
🔥 Plus, updates to our Vertex App, Spryker Code Upgrader, Data Exchange API, Merchant Portal, Spryker Framework, Improved Search in Spryker Documentation, and more

In addition, we will welcome @Vasiliki Chatz @Mikhail Ostapenko & @Angel Albarracin at our upcoming who will further talk about the product release!

Check it out and let us know what you think!

Keep building great stuff! ❤️