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Promotion/Discount is dropped from Order

vikram.bishnoi Spryker Solution Partner Posts: 14 🧑🏻‍🚀 - Cadet

Hi Experts

I have a discount setup: Apply Voucher and get $500 discount on an order above $2000.

I applied a voucher on an order worth $2100 which makes the grand total to $1600. All good so far!

But when I place order for this cart, the voucher is not applied to order and the order total is again $2100 though it was $1600 at cart level.

I tried same scenario for a cart worth $2700 which becomes $2200 after voucher application. I placed the order and everything is fine at order level and can see the voucher.

Looks like, if condition doesn't meet at order level while converting cart to order, discount gets dropped. And it is incorrect as grand total will be reduced in cart on voucher application.

Any hint please.