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Spryker Safari has migrated 🙌

Svitlana Kulynych
Svitlana Kulynych Head of Learning Experience Sprykee Posts: 9 🏛 - Council (mod)

We're writing to inform you about an important update regarding our learning platform. Spryker Safari is transitioning to a new vendor! What does this mean to you:

1. New Adventures, Same Place: we are staying at the domain, so you won't get lost, and all our great courses are still there.

2. For Partners and Customers Only: from now on, learners who do not belong to an official Spryker Customer or Partner won’t be able to register an account on Spryker Safari. Instead, we offer easy-to-access a few courses for everyone on

3. Log In to Migrate your Progress: If you want to have all your progress from the old platform migrated to a new provider, please login in the next two weeks. After those two weeks, we will migrate all your learning progress.

4. New Gamification Coming Soon: Since we are moving platforms, we are leaving the old ways of gamification behind. Please stay tuned for the new, improved, and more meaningful way of celebrating your knowledge!

5. AI-Powered Platform: A new platform is AI-focused and intelligent. You will now get more relevant search results and recommendations on Spryker Safari.

6. Even More to Come: Our aim with this migration was to build a solid foundation to allow you to learn, and now that you are here, we are already working on new features and new ways to share your knowledge!

Now, let's get started! Your account has already been provisioned, and you are ready to log in! Click here and start learning today!

Best Regards,
Academy Team