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Merchant Portal - Autocompletion / Storybook / Documentation

schoenfeld Solution Architect Posts: 28 🧑🏻‍🚀 - Cadet

Any idea on how to get documentation for merchant portal webcomponents? We need:

  • autocompletion/IDE Support (see screenshot - HTML Tag missing, we need it clickable and reference to its webcomponent)
  • general documentation ( this seems NOT to contain all components? i.e. <web-mp-root> → see list below)
  • run and build storybook locally, so we can extend and provide the customer a fully documented list of your and our components?
    • can it be hosted in PaaS+ and available by a domain?

Example web components:


Even if we use the search in with any of these components or topics → 0 results. So might you have some insights to each of our questions.

Example Spryker doc searches with 0 results: