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Spryker Opportunities / ASAP / Fully Remote

samuel.stuart Enterprise Account Manager | E-commerce 🛒 🇩🇪 Posts: 25 ✨ - Novice
edited January 18 in Job Opportunities

We are currently experiencing a massive demand from our customers in the Spryker Market. As a result we are looking for the following candidates to assist on long-term projects:

- Freelance Spryker Engineer (German Speaking)
- Freelance Spryker Engineer (French Speaking)
- Freelance Spryker Architect (French Speaking)
- Freelance Solution Spryker Architect (English Speaking)
- Freelance Spryker Frontend Engineer (English Speaking)
- Freelance Lead Spryker Engineer (German Speaking)

All of these projects will be staffed by 28.01 so if interested or would like to here further details please drop me a message directly on LinkedIn or to