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AI in day-to-day eCommerce tasks

Victor Senior Business Consultant Sprykee Posts: 9 🧑🏻‍🚀 - Cadet

Nowadays seems like AI is freakin' everywhere. With both feet on the ground, how can it really help brands in their eCommerce tasks? Some examples:

  • mass-scale product personalisation
  • picking up trends and facilitate new product creation
  • generate and improve product assets (images, banners, text, SEO tags…)
  • hyper-personalised ads and site ux (targeted dynamic content, individualised cross-sells)
  • better chatbots, customer feedback classification and response, sentiment analysis

Can you think of anything else? What AI tools do you use regularly to do what tasks? How can an eCom engine facilitate your daily tasks through AI?



  • Guido X Jansen
    Guido X Jansen Global Business & Technology Evangelist Sprykee Posts: 418 ⚖️ - Guardians (admin)
    • (Partially) automating content creation based on your latest/most popular products
      • Making (marketing) content suitable for a multitude of media formats (text, audio, video, short vs long, horizontal vs vertical video etc.)
      • Generating experiences through AR/VR
    • Forecasting
    • Supply chain automation
    • Fraud detection/security
    • …?

    In some cases AI could help companies go really far into prototyping products and creating all kinds of assets without actually ever having to create a physical version before selling it (which can be good and bad…).