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Net and gross price differences

Kylian Developer Posts: 1 🧑🏻‍🚀 - Cadet

In our current shop we are having some problems with the "Net prices" and "Gross prices" that the price for the customer in total will be higher when its set on "Net prices" and that the backoffice overview is not how it suppose to be. I tested it also in the spryker demo shop ( and the same problem is there aswell.

  1. Higher price when "Netto"
    1. Netto
    2. Gross
  2. Weird overview in backoffice when gross activated
    1. When gross mode is activated the order will be send to the backoffice and in the overview you see subtotal with the tax on top of there and the product price also in gross mode but the shippingcost is in net mode. What you would expect is that gross mode would be only for visibility for the customer on the frontend and when its send to the backoffice you would see the same as like in the picture at 1a. Does someone has a idea how to fix this issue?