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Community tip: Using the Search Bar

Lauren Kulwicki
Lauren Kulwicki Senior Community Manager Sprykee Posts: 194 ⚖️ - Guardians (admin)

The search bar…may seem self-explanatory, right? That's what I thought too until I started poking around. Here's a few tips for using the search!


  • Where to find it: Find the search bar across all pages using the 🔍️ icon.
  • How to use it: Use the search refinement tabs to guide your searches even more.
  • More filters: The right sidebar has more options to narrow your search, and it changes depending on which refinement tab you're on.

Where to find it

Firstly, you can find the search bar towards the top of the page or by clicking the 🔍️ icon at the top right of all pages:

How to use it

When you add a search term and click "Search," your view will grab locations across CommerceQuest where that term has been mentioned, but this view can sometimes look a bit overwhelming. This is where the search refinement comes in really handy:

Default: The default search responses will sort by best match, which includes a combination of search terms, date posted, and score.

Discussions: Will include discussions, questions, ideas, and polls. When you're in one of these tabs, you'll also notice more filter results that you can apply in the right sidebar.

Places: Contains any categories that contain the search term.

Searching for other users: If you're searching for a specific user, it's best to click the "Members" tab. The member tab will pull up anyone with your search term in their user name.

Icons: Icons on the left of the search results will show what's a discussion, question, poll, or an event for easier categorization.

More filters

Want to, for example, search for all the posts a user created? You won't find this using the general search bar. Instead, you'll need to use "Filter results" in the right sidebar and type their user name into the "author" section. There's other options to further refine your search by using this "Filter Results" section. You can search for a title, author or time frame, for example.

Want even more customization for your search? Click the various Discussions, Places, Events, or Member refinement tabs first and you'll notice that the filter results in this right sidebar will also adapt accordingly ;)

Hopefully this helps guide your future searches in the right direction ;) Enjoy exploring CommerceQuest! 👋

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