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Keep migrations in repository?

victor.vanherpt Spryker Solution Partner Posts: 41 🪐 - Explorer

We are about to move to prod. Currently we just use the Spryker default .gitignore setup where migrations are not commited to the repository.
I've seen 2 articles that relate to this topic in the docs:

I understand it is recommended then to keep migration files for productive systems.

Do I just remove migration files from gitignore and commit them?
Are the default pipelines in aws and install recipes ready for this? I see propel:migration:delete and propel:diff in production.yml.


Best Answer

  • rshopin
    rshopin Senior Solution Architect Sprykee Posts: 32 🧑🏻‍🚀 - Cadet
    Answer ✓

    Hello Victor, yes, you need to remove migration files from .gitignore and adjust installation recipe (remove propel:migration:delete command) in the project files, AWS pipelines will use installation recipe from the project repository.