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Developer Hackathon & Developer Stage @ EXCITE

Guido X Jansen
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Are you a Freelance Spryker developer? I'd love for you to join us next month (Sept 13/14) in Berlin at our Spryker EXCITE event.

Some neat stuff we have specifically for developers:

  • Stickers & badges 🤓
  • Full day Open Source Hackathon on Sept 13th in our own Spryker HQ. Yes of course there will be pizza 🍕.
  • Wifi with open port 22 🧑‍💻🛜
  • A full afternoon Developer Stage at EXCITE in the beautiful KulturBrauerei where you'll learn more about innovations in architecture, Oryx, headless, UI/UX and (of course) AI and how all of these things can make your (work)life a bit more pleasant 🧘
  • Caffeine in different shapes and sizes. ⚡️
  • Meet cool people like @Denis Turkov, @fsmeier, @Helen Laktionova, @marco.kaiser, @vasily.rodin, @hardik.gajjar, @daniel.gebhard, @paul.eddu
  • Did I mention we have stickers & badges?!

Hackathon schedule:
EXCITE schedule:

Come, join “The HERD”: Send me a DM and I'll get you on the list!