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AI bot for quick answers

Guido X Jansen
Guido X Jansen Global Business & Technology Evangelist Sprykee Posts: 418 ⚖️ - Guardians (admin)

My hypothesis is that when posting a product question, you're currently stuck and need som help to move forward. Posting to a forum might not always provide you with a perfect answer, but you got already be greatly helped with an answer direction: links to helpful resources or similar cases.

I think an AI/LLM forum bot could help with this when it's trained/tuned specifically on Spryker data.

I think this makes the most sense when you're using the post-type "question" (so NOT "discussion") in specific sub forums/categories (like Spryker Development).

GPT3.5/4 tuned with:

  • Forum data
  • Academy training (transcripts)
  • our whitepapers
  • Spryker Github
  • …?

It could look something like below:

(This is an UNtuned GPT3.5,currently working in our forum staging environment through the Forum API + Zapier + OpenAI API).

Even if the bot turns out to not be great at answering questions good enough, I think it would already be of great help (especially to new users) if it scans the question and just provide specific deeplinks to the resources mentioned above where potential answers can be found.

It could also tag other forum members that are specialists in the topic of the question, so they can chime and maybe also check/validate the reply of the bot.

The up/down voting system could be used by the bot as additional Reinforcement learning.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this, things to consider and also maybe someone already has specific ideas on tools/services that could do the above.

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