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Update from the Community Team

Guido X Jansen
Guido X Jansen Global Business & Technology Evangelist Sprykee Posts: 418 ⚖️ - Guardians (admin)

Hey All! 👋

The growing Spryker Community team (now consisting of @lauren-kulwicki@Samuel Pais@James Hooper and me) had their Q2 on-site in Berlin  🇩🇪 this week.We've been cooking up some nice things that'll be coming your way this summer. This includes a new way of how we will all communicate so stay tuned...  🍦

Big thanks on that to our community members @David Verholen @Renate Boevink @Dipen Vyas @Giovanni Piemontese @Chemaclass @Sebastian Larisch @Alfred Bez @Michael Schmetter @Ray Lawlor for participating and providing us with valuable feedback on that.The Community Team also visited the Berlin Aquarium  🐟🐠🐡 yesterday, it's like a portal to another world (yes they also have reptiles & amphibians)!And if it applies to you: have a nice easter weekend! 🐥🥚🐇