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Hii everyone i want to use rabbitMQ for send some message for testing and i have write some code &l

U04SA0H260N Posts: 30 🧑🏻‍🚀 - Cadet

Hii everyone i want to use rabbitMQ for send some message for testing and i have write some code


* This file is part of the Spryker Commerce OS.
* For full license information, please view the LICENSE file that was distributed with this source code.

namespace Pyz\Yves\HelloWorld\Controller;

use Spryker\Yves\Kernel\Controller\AbstractController;
use Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\Request;
use Generated\Shared\Transfer\RabbitMqOptionTransfer;
use Spryker\Zed\RabbitMq\Business\RabbitMqFacade;
use Spryker\Shared\RabbitMq\RabbitMqConfig;
use Spryker\Zed\RabbitMq\Communication\Plugin\Queue\RabbitMqProducerPlugin;

class IndexController extends AbstractController
protected $producerPlugin;

public function __construct()
    // $this->producerPlugin = new RabbitMqProducerPlugin();
 * @param \Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\Request $request
 * @return \Spryker\Yves\Kernel\View\View
public function indexAction(Request $request)
    $optionsTransfer = new RabbitMqOptionTransfer();

        ->publish('Testing Message..', $optionsTransfer);

    $data = ['helloWorld' => 'Message Sent !'];

    return $this->view(


It gives me error


  • fsmeier
    fsmeier Senior Software Engineer & Developer Enablement Advocate Sprykee Posts: 1,029 ⚖️ - Guardians (admin)

    Where do you have the RabbitMqConfig::EXCHANGE_DIRECT from? Was it somewhere documented to use it like that? because i can not find that constant in Spryker.