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heya. mutagen seems to be failing ```Creating volume "spryker_b2c_dev_cli_history" with default dri

U01JBB8LNTE Posts: 207 🧑🏻‍🚀 - Cadet

heya. mutagen seems to be failing

Creating volume "spryker_b2c_dev_cli_history" with default driver
Creating spryker_b2c_dev_mutagen_1 ... done
Resuming existing forwarding sessions
Resuming existing synchronization sessions
Creating synchronization session "spryker-b2c-dev-dev-codebase"
Connecting to agent (POSIX)...
Error: unable to reconcile Mutagen sessions: unable to create synchronization session (spryker-b2c-dev-dev-codebase): unable to connect to beta: unable to connect to endpoint: unable to dial agent endpoint: unable to create agent command: unable to probe container: container probing failed under POSIX hypothesis (signal: killed) and Windows hypothesis (signal: killed)