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GitHub Co-Pilot, Contributions & More 🚀 SAVE THE DATE - June 27th Spryker Digital User Group Meetup

Samuel Pais
Samuel Pais Sprykee Posts: 74 ⚖️ - Guardians (admin)
edited June 28 in Spryker News

Hi CommerceQuest Crew,

we will have our next Spryker Digital User Group Meetup in two weeks, can you believe it? 🫣

We prepared a cool agenda with some spicy topics 🌶️

1️⃣ Previously on Community Contributions…

Speaker: @Sean Drummy (Spryker Senior Director of Product).

  • What it’s about: This session will provide an update on what has happened since the announcement of Spryker's platform opening and community contributions

2️⃣ GitHub Co-Pilot @ Spryker

Speaker: @Yaroslav Krutikov (Spryker Senior Developer) & @Alexey Kravchenko (Spryker Senior Developer)

  • What it’s about: Yaroslav & Alexey will be sharing how GitHub Co-Pilot is being used on a daily basis within Spryker's engineering team.

3️⃣ NEW Spryker Observability Products

Speaker: @Angel Albarracin (Spryker Teamlead Product Management)

  • What it’s about: New OOTB & Observability services are on the horizon with a new Open Telemetry milestone. Join to learn more about forwarding traces to any APM platform as well as leveraging Grafana Dashboards, and more.

Sign-up up here 👇🏻

What's a User Group Meetup?

Our monthly meetings are for everyone interested in Spryker development and surrounding topics. Each month we invite Sprykees or community member guest speakers to guide us in interactive sessions. We try to keep it interesting with a wide variety of topics, which is why we recommend checking out the agenda topics in advance.

If you are interested in speaking at an upcoming event or hosting a local UG near you, let us know!

Any questions? Drop them in the comment section below! 🤩