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Shipping Prices After Discount

emir.hadzic Senior Software Developer Posts: 2 🧑🏻‍🚀 - Cadet

We have multiple shipping methods with different prices. There is a
cart rule in place that says, customer should receive free shipping when
order amount is greater than X. When we provide the data to the
front-end using GLUE checkout-data endpoint, there are all shipping
methods with their prices in the response.

The problem is that, the cart rules are applied only to the shipping
method that customer selected. So we end up in the situation that the
customer is provided with multiple shipping method options, but only one
is free, others are displayed with their regular price, meaning no cart
rule was applied. When the customer selects some other shipping method,
it is happening all over again, only selected shipping method is free
of charge.

This way, we end up in the situation that the customer has to click
through all shipping methods in order to see the actual shipping price
that would be applied in case of the order.

Do you have any idea how to solve this issue, to provide the customer with the actual prices for the shipment?