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Find like-minded to make your idea come true

fsmeier Senior Software Engineer & Developer Enablement Advocate Sprykee Posts: 1,034 ⚖️ - Guardians (admin)
edited July 10 in Developer Corner

Heyhey Dev-Community! 🚀

We've already got a fantastic list of community modules and tools ready to boost your projects, but there's always room for more innovation! 🌟 There are countless cool ideas, project needs, and fun enhancements out there that can make our developer lives easier and more enjoyable.

Welcome to our new sub-forum, a space dedicated to proposing project ideas and finding like-minded folks to bring them to life together! 🤝 Whether it’s creating an independent module or contributing a Pull Request to the Spryker Core, the main goal is collaboration and learning along the way.

I'm excited to see what we can build together, and I’m even offering my help if I find an idea I love! 😃

How does it work?

  1. Have an idea? Share it in an own post in and find others who want to join your project. 💡
  2. See an idea you like? Upvote and comment to join forces and discuss details. 👍💬

Need a repository within Spryker Community on GitHub? Feel free to drop me a message anytime! 📩

Let’s create something amazing together! 🌈🔧

All the best,