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Oryx Front-end Framework is now Open Source!

Guido X Jansen
Guido X Jansen Global Business & Technology Evangelist Sprykee Posts: 422 ⚖️ - Guardians (admin)
edited June 12 in Oryx frontend framework

🎉 Big news! 🎉

I’m super excited to share that we’re open sourcing our frontend framework, Oryx! It's all about community collaboration and pushing the limits of what we can do together 💪

Oryx is here to make your dev life easier and more creative. We’re throwing open the doors and inviting YOU to tweak, improve, and innovate with us. Whether you’re looking to solve complex challenges or just enhance your tech stack, Oryx is now your playground.

Oryx provides a rich library of components, including a design system, which lets developers create modern and visually appealing commerce user interfaces. The components integrate with the Spryker APIs by default, providing a seamless experience for developers.

Some quick links for you:

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