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Improve commercequest's code editor?

victor.vanherpt Spryker Solution Partner Posts: 41 🪐 - Explorer
edited May 20 in Spryker Development

Posting here because I don't see a way to post it in "COMMUNITY IDEAS AND FEEDBACK"

I kind of get annoyed with the 'code editor' in this forum, it's clunky and doesn't even offer syntax highlighting.

Ideally we'd have something like the markdown code blocks, where I can just add three tildes (```) to start a code block, even allowing me to name the language after the tildes (i.e. ```php or ```yaml ): it'd be nice to add mermaid too :)

Right now I have to select the text, and press the format as inline code thingy:

See how I struggle to create the following code block in this video (you can even hear me drop my mouse :D):

protected someFunction(string $this, int $that): string{

$something ="$this = $that";


return $something;


Ah,also,it'd be nice to be able to upload videos, but there is already a request for that :)

fyi: @Samuel Pais @Lauren Kulwicki @Guido X Jansen , not sure where/whom to post/ping about this :)

This thread was started because I struggled to add comments to my code block in: