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Using AWS SSM as a VPN Replacement. Extending docker/sdk with PAAS Commands POC

WinstonNolan Global Head Cloud Center Operations Sprykee Posts: 1 🧑🏻‍🚀 - Cadet
edited May 11 in Community Projects

Hello 🖖

My name is Winston, and I work within the Spryker Cloud Center Operations (CCO) team. We assist our customers with their technical problems and questions about Spryker products (including PAAS)

We often receive requests for VPN accounts. Currently, a customer/developer/user can only connect to their PAAS services by being connected to the VPN

I have always enjoyed solving problems, and I created a POC where I replaced the VPN with AWS SSM. I then extended the docker/sdk by creating a PAAS section and added the following PAAS/Cloud commands

paas | cloud environments List PAAS Environments
paas | cloud service-details --environment=ENVIRONMENT_NAME service [database storage ..] List PAAS Environment Service Details. See output from environments command. Services: database storage search scheduler broker
paas | cloud create-tunnel --environment=ENVIRONMENT_NAME service [database storage ..] Create AWS SSM Tunnels to one or more PAAS Environment Services. See output from environments command. Services: database storage search scheduler broker
paas | cloud close-tunnel Close ALL Active AWS SSM Tunnels

The above commands will interface with your PAAS environment, by displaying details about the services within your environment. And, it will allow you to open AWS SSM tunnels using AWS-StartPortForwardingSessionToRemoteHost

Using AWS SSM, a user will not need to request VPN access, nor will they need to renew it as it expires yearly. There are also a few other pain points with the VPN. Sometimes corporate email servers block, or obfuscate the VPN Certificate

My code changes are here

These features already work for Spryker Employees, but there are a few minimal changes required for these features to work for our customers

I am creating this post to gauge your interest in this feature and to show you an alternative to the VPN

I enjoyed getting to learn and extend the docker/sdk <3

Let me know what you think!