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Need Help with Payment System in Spryker Project

iamshubhanshu Engineer Posts: 1 🧑🏻‍🚀 - Cadet

Hi everyone,

I hope you all are doing good. I am working on a project with Spryker and need to add a payment system to it. I checked Spryker's guide and saw they have some payment partners like Payone, Unzer, and Braintree. But, to test them, we need to talk to their sales team for some special access.

I tried adding Braintree to my project (As we can test it through sandbox account , and we create the account by ourselves too, no need to contact with the sales team, so i created one and also got the credentials), but I faced a problem. Braintree needs an older version of "spryker/country" (version 3.0.0), but my project, which is on the latest Spryker, already has "spryker/country" version 4.1.0. I even thought about using an older Spryker version that matches Braintree's needs, but when I tried installing Braintree with the command "composer require spryker-eco/braintree --update-with-dependencies", I got an error because it couldn't find a necessary GitHub repository, which seems to be removed now.

So, I'm stuck and can't add Braintree to my project. Does anyone know any other payment service that works well with Spryker and doesn't need ACP enabled?

It's a bit frustrating because many payment options Spryker suggests seem old or not updated, and their guides are also not up to date. If anyone has gone through this or knows a solution, please share. It would be a big help.

Thanks a lot for reading and helping out.