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How are codeBuckets used for Presentation Layer in Zed?

oezkan.yilmaz Turbine Kreuzberg Posts: 2 🧑🏻‍🚀 - Cadet
edited December 2023 in Spryker Development

Hi there,

We are currently managing a multi-store setup that requires the display of distinct templates within the back office gui. To facilitate this requirement, we have implemented a store-specific bundle named ShipmentGuiXX. Within this bundle, we have expanded an existing form by incorporating a new field. This modification has functioned as intended, as the form is generated by the Factory within the ShipmentGuiXX.

To ensure consistency in the user interface, we proceeded by duplicating the original template from ShipmentGui to ShipmentGuiXX. Subsequently, we extended this duplicated template with the new field. However, upon accessing the page, we encountered same cached views for both store interfaces. We expected a separate different view per store here.

This issue has currently manifested solely in our local environment, as the recent changes have not been deployed to other environments yet. We are exploring the possibility that twig caches might not be inherently store-specific, indicated by the directory path: src/Generated/Zed/Twig/codeBucket. Additionally, we are investigating if there might be other elements or configurations overlooked in this context.

We appreciate any insights or guidance you may provide to help resolve this matter efficiently.