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AWS deployment of spryker for dev/testing

vparannattilcherul Posts: 16 🧑🏻‍🚀 - Cadet

Guys, I've been following this guide to deploy Spryker shop on AWS. I could find some useful tips there, but it seems like the documentation is quite outdated. It shows the usage of AWS ElasticSearch (which is change to OpenSearch) and talks about installing php7.2(old version). Also it talks about the production deployment.

My ask for help would be to provide some updated docs on preparing a test environment which would incur minimum costs. Also would ask about the use of ECS service to deploy docker containers to EC2 instances, if we have any doc already in place.



  • fsmeier
    fsmeier Senior Software Engineer & Developer Enablement Advocate Sprykee Posts: 1,034 ⚖️ - Guardians (admin)
    edited October 2023

    Heyhey @vparannattilcherul ,

    it seems that you found a page in our docs which should not be there anymore 😅

    So as far as I know Spryker is not supporting self-hosted projects (anymore). We offer our strong Spryker Cloud instead.

    All the best,