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Shape Your Learning! Choose the Topic for Our September Meetup

Mohammed Elkheir
Mohammed Elkheir Sprykee Posts: 1 🧑🏻‍🚀 - Cadet
edited September 2023 in Spryker Development

Hello Spryker Community!

Get ready for a September Meetup that’s all about YOU! We’re thrilled to give you the power to shape the direction of our upcoming meetup.

  1. Properly Setting up Multi-stores:
    1. Become a multi-store maestro! We’ll unravel the mysteries of mastering multi-stores within the Spryker Commerce OS.
  2. Data Import Proxy APIs:
    1. Learn how a proxy API approach can enhance your platform & seamlessly exchange data across systems.
  3. Setting up your Search Engine for Success:
    1. Tailor your search setup to enhance your search relevancy score.

Your vote isn’t just a preference – it’s your chance to steer your learning. The most voted topic takes center stage!

Shape Your Learning! Choose the Topic for Our September Meetup 6 votes

Properly Setting up Multi-stores
Alberto Reyermanish.gangolarakeshfalke 3 votes
Data Import Proxy API
chandan.krafael.terreromauriatishgoswami 3 votes
Setting up your Search Engine for Success


  • Lauren Kulwicki
    Lauren Kulwicki (ex) Senior Community Manager Posts: 196 🪐 - Explorer

    The votes are IN! We also did a live poll during our August User Group meeting today and got 6 extra votes for multi-stores, pushing it to the lead 😁

    But data lovers don't worry, the data import topic won't be lost and we'll work this into an upcoming UG meeting with a speaker, hopefully before the end of the year!