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Community Tip: Using the Bookmarks feature to save your posts

Lauren Kulwicki
Lauren Kulwicki (ex) Senior Community Manager Posts: 196 🪐 - Explorer
edited October 2023 in Getting Started & Guidelines

For those of you who like to keep an eye on specific posts or save them to look at later, this one's for you!

The Bookmarks feature is useful if you want to follow along to a specific post, or save something to come back to later. I personally use it a lot so I don't lose important conversations that I might not have time to answer in that moment, but I also find it super useful if I'm passively following along in a discussion that interests me.

Just click this button next to the post to save to your Bookmarks -

You can find all your bookmarks if you click your profile icon and look at the dropdown menu -

Or find bookmarks in your "Quick Links" section -

If you want to stop following a post, just uncheck the bookmark icon.

You can also follow entire categories and personalize your notification preferences. This post has more info about this!