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Svitlana Kulynych
Svitlana Kulynych Head of Learning Experience Sprykee Posts: 9 🏛 - Council (mod)
edited November 2023 in Safari for Customers

We are committed to supporting you throughout your learning journey. This is a space for you all to discuss learning processes, experiences and content, now on Whether you prefer a structured classroom environment or the flexibility of self-paced learning, Spryker Safari has the right solution for you.

Our platform is designed to help customers train their teams in effectively operating Spryker. It offers a variety of training materials across different sections:

  • About Spryker: Gain insights into Spryker as a company and its technology.
  • Overviews: Access short courses that cover various features and products.
  • Product PBC courses: Dive into courses dedicated to Packaged Business Capabilities.
  • Developer ILT and Certification: Participate in instructor-led sessions and earn certifications for Developers.
  • Product Instructor-led Training: Attend live sessions facilitated by our knowledgeable instructors.
  • Business Models: Explore courses on B2C, B2B, and Marketplace features of Spryker.
  • Business with Spryker: Learn how to conduct business and manage projects with Spryker.
  • Developer e-learning courses: Engage in self-paced interactive training designed specifically for Developers.

We also offer a range of certifications to validate your knowledge and skills:

  • Spryker Developer Foundations Certification Exam
  • Spryker Developer Intermediate Certification Exam
  • Spryker Solution Architecture Certification Exam
  • Spryker Business Foundations Certification Exam
  • Spryker Marketplace Certification Exam

Take advantage of the opportunities to learn, upskill, and become certified with Spryker Safari!

To get started, visit: