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Hello, fellow learners and explorers!

Svitlana Kulynych
Svitlana Kulynych Head of Learning Experience Sprykee Posts: 9 🏛 - Council (mod)
edited November 2023 in General

Our ultimate goal is to provide the right information to the right people at the right time, empowering everyone to successfully utilize Spryker.

This space acts as a dedicated communication platform for all non-content and non-platform-related matters. Wondering how certification works? Curious about upcoming content releases? This is the place to find answers!

If you have a specific question related to the content you are studying, head over to the Courses and Trainings Space. If your query relates to the platform behavior you are learning on, you can visit either the Safari for Customers or Safari for Partners sections.

Let's make the most of this space to connect, learn, and support each other on our Spryker journey!