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Hi there, is there a concept in spryker how to “reuse” code within several modules? Maybe a link to

U03FNK5A87J Posts: 26 🧑🏻‍🚀 - Cadet

Hi there, is there a concept in spryker how to “reuse” code within several modules? Maybe a link to a documentation.


  • See services, like e.g. Util services.

  • U03FNK5A87J
    U03FNK5A87J Posts: 26 🧑🏻‍🚀 - Cadet


    “A service is a Spryker application layer shared by the Client, Zed, and Yves application layers”

    Does not seems to be a way to reuse code within severals modules.

  • Unknown
    edited February 2023

    In this case I am not referring to them regarding layer.
    Sure, they can be "used" from almost every layer.
    But the main point here is that those can also be used across modules as reusable part (see e.g. composer json encoding/decoding for 10+ modules).

    Maybe I used the wrong word. "Util" modules sounds better.
    So a module that has a facade entry that then internally might very well use a servive or other elements.

    That said:
    This only is relevant for (vendor level) module dev.
    If you develop on project level, you can also directly put classes inside others to be used.
    Especially if they provide static methods or other stateless approaches.

    As you are on the top level of dependency tree and in full control of your dependencies, and not possible to create cyclic composer dependencies through this.