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Hi team , I want to set current store by code how can be do that , How can set the current store for

U04UE6DF06N Posts: 77 🧑🏻‍🚀 - Cadet

Hi team ,
I want to set current store by code how can be do that , How can set the current store for logged in user


  • Alberto Reyer
    Alberto Reyer Lead Spryker Solution Architect / Technical Director Posts: 690 🪐 - Explorer

    Be prepared for a deep rabbit hole 😉

    Spryker assumes that the store is one of the very first things that is set, so once the request is processed setting the store is nearly impossible without massive side effects (believe me, I tried it for several days).
    The issue is that the store is already set up in the \Spryker\Shared\Config\Application\Environment::initialize, which is called in the index.php before anything else happens.
    So you can overwrite the Environment to set the store differently (we do this by parsing the url, e.g.: /de-en means DE store for us, en language) and replace the Spryker\Shared\Config\Application\Environment::initialize
    with your implementation in public/Yves/index.php.

    If you only want to ensure that a customer, after he logged in, is in the right store, you could add a db field to the customer, holding the store the customer is attached to and implement something similar to \SprykerShop\Yves\SecurityBlockerPage\EventSubscriber\SecurityBlockerCustomerEventSubscriber::onKernelRequest to redirect the customer to the right store after login. This will also require that every customer is attached to at least one store, for example during registration

  • U04UE6DF06N
    U04UE6DF06N Posts: 77 🧑🏻‍🚀 - Cadet

    okk Thank you