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Hi Everyone , I want to know if there is any explanation or document where i can k

U047ZBW7AP8 Posts: 88 🧑🏻‍🚀 - Cadet

Hi Everyone , I want to know if there is any explanation or document where i can know about every single folder of spryker folder structure.


  • Alberto Reyer
    Alberto Reyer Lead Spryker Solution Architect / Technical Director Posts: 690 🪐 - Explorer
    edited January 2023


    The top structure represents the application (Zed, Yves, Glue, Client, Shared, Service), the 2. level is the module (e.g.: Product, Price, Category, Customer, etc.).
    The 3. level is the Layer
    In Zed: Presentation, Communication, Business, Persistence.
    In Yves/Glue: No dedicated Layers, only Controller, Theme (Templates, molecules, organisms and everything else you need to render and style a page) and Form
    In Shared: No layers, only transfer object definitions and interfaces with constants that are used in more than one application
    In Client: Client & Storage/Search access & ZedStub (to communicate with Zed)
    In Service: No layers

    • -- Zed
      --- Presentation
      --- Communication
      --- Business
      --- Persistence
      -- Glue/Yves
      --- Controller
      --- Theme
      -- Client
      --- Client
      --- Storage (optional)
      --- Search (optional)
      --- Zed (optional)
      -- Shared
      --- Transfer
      -- Service
  • U047ZBW7AP8
    U047ZBW7AP8 Posts: 88 🧑🏻‍🚀 - Cadet

    thanks @U04CLCFNB9T & @UL6DGRULR 👍