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Hey all… We’re having problems with data syncing to Elastic Search… we are getting both abstract an

U02P7B6K2LC Posts: 121 🧑🏻‍🚀 - Cadet
edited June 2022 in Help

Hey all…

We’re having problems with data syncing to Elastic Search… we are getting both abstract and concrete products on the API endpoint when we ask for a single product, but when we run a catalog search, we get no Abstract product returned.

It looks like the DB data is fine, but we are getting RabbitMQ errors on

{"write":{"key":"product_abstract🇩🇪de_de:1","value":{"store":"DE","locale":"de_DE","type":"product_abstract","is-active":true,"search-result-data":{"id_product_abstract":1,"abstract_sku":"1","abstract_name":"Loose Brown Onions","url":"\/de\/1","type":"product_abstract","price":69,"prices":{"EUR":{"priceData":null,"priceDataByPriceType":{"DEFAULT":null,"":null},"GROSS_MODE":{"DEFAULT":69,"":69},"NET_MODE":{"DEFAULT":69,"":69}}},"images":[],"id_product_labels":[]},"full-text-boosted":["Loose Brown Onions","1"],"full-text":["Loose Brown Onions","1001","Great in soups, stews, stir fry\u0027s or even a salad. Delicious Caramelised.\nPacks flavour into any meal"],"suggestion-terms":["Loose Brown Onions"],"completion-terms":["Loose Brown Onions"],"string-sort":{"name":"Loose Brown Onions"},"integer-sort":{"price":69,"price-DEFAULT-EUR-NET_MODE":69,"price--EUR-NET_MODE":69,"price-DEFAULT-EUR-GROSS_MODE":69,"price--EUR-GROSS_MODE":69},"integer-facet":[{"facet-name":"price","facet-value":[69]},{"facet-name":"price-DEFAULT-EUR-NET_MODE","facet-value":[69]},{"facet-name":"price--EUR-NET_MODE","facet-value":[69]},{"facet-name":"price-DEFAULT-EUR-GROSS_MODE","facet-value":[69]},{"facet-name":"price--EUR-GROSS_MODE","facet-value":[69]}],"category":{"all-parents":[],"direct-parents":[]},"_timestamp":1656425330.955626},"resource":"product_abstract","params":{"type":"page"}},"errorMessage":"Error in one or more bulk request actions:\n\nindex: \/spryker_b2c_dev_de_page\/_doc\/product_abstract🇩🇪de_de:1 caused failed to parse\nindex: \/spryker_b2c_dev_de_page\/_doc\/product_abstract🇩🇪de_de:2 caused failed to parse\nindex: \/spryker_b2c_dev_de_page\/_doc\/product_abstract🇩🇪de_de:3 caused failed to parse\nindex: \/spryker_b2c_dev_de_page\/_doc\/product_abstract🇩🇪de_de:4 caused failed to parse\nindex: \/spryker_b2c_dev_de_page\/_doc\/product_abstract🇩🇪de_de:5 caused failed to parse\nindex: 

etc etc....


We’ve checked over our data to make sure it’s good shape… (no non-UTF characters etc) …

We’re at a loss as to why things aren’t syncing.

It looks like there is some parsing errors when trying to create the abstract product.


  • U02P7B6K2LC
    U02P7B6K2LC Posts: 121 🧑🏻‍🚀 - Cadet

    Ok we solved this… it took us a number if days but we got there!

    So it turns out that the issue was related to a Price Type that was set to Null.

  • U03693G297T
    U03693G297T Posts: 3 🧑🏻‍🚀 - Cadet

    Hi Ray, just a couple of days ago, I also faced the very same issue. Can you please specify what exactly you fixed in data to make it work for you. I was setting the Price Type correctly but when creating products from merchant portal they failed to sync and on the other hand when I create products from back office, they are getting synced quite well. I am not sure where the issue is but it automatically started working since today morning.