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Hey everyone! I'm trying to implement Entity CRUD events for `spy_customer` but they don't seem to g

U03D9KKPK2T Posts: 29 🧑🏻‍🚀 - Cadet

Hey everyone!
I'm trying to implement Entity CRUD events for spy_customer but they don't seem to get triggered.
What I did was:
• add <behavior name="event"> with <parameter name="spy_customer_all" column="*"/> to the schema.xml
• add Pyz/Zed/Customer/Dependency/CustomerEvents.php with correct const names (in this case it's 'Entity.spy_customer.create')
• register my EventSubscriber in the EventDependencyProvider and in the subscriber add my listener to the $eventCollection
• rebuild the schema files in src/Orm and regenerate the Propel files
Did I miss anything?

What stumped me when debugging this was that after the saveEventBehaviorEntityChange function triggered, there still was no enty in spy_event_behavior_entity_change (even after any transactions were commited)