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How should i upload a csv file and move it into the folder ?

U042Q46D597 Posts: 26 🧑🏻‍🚀 - Cadet

How should i upload a csv file and move it into the folder ?


  • Alberto Reyer
    Alberto Reyer Lead Spryker Solution Architect / Technical Director Posts: 690 🪐 - Explorer

    \Spryker\Zed\ProductListGui\Communication\Plugin\ConfigurableBundleGui\ProductConcreteRelationCsvConfigurableBundleTemplateSlotEditFormFileUploadHandlerPlugin and \Spryker\Zed\ConfigurableBundleGui\Communication\Controller\SlotController::executeEditAction provides you with an example on how to upload your CSV file and pass it to an import (from the other post I assume that's what you want to do).

    Would have been easy to find by searching for "upload" in the Spryker code base.
    Mostly you want need to come up with a solution on your own as Spryker probably has already implemented something very similar.