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_*Help with AWS demo setup.*_ Hey Spryker Community! I’ve successfully set up Spryker for developm

U02P7B6K2LC Posts: 121 🧑🏻‍🚀 - Cadet

*Help with AWS demo setup.*

Hey Spryker Community!

I’ve successfully set up Spryker for development on my local mac. But inn order to show Spryker to my team, I’m looking at setting it up on an AWS EC2 instance for demo purposes.

I’ve got my EC2 instance and I’ve gone through the process of installing docker. I’ve got through the bootstrap process and I can see that docker is running.

I’ve even got docker/sdk up running.

But I can’t get any endpionts working. I get 502 Bad Gateway errors.

I’m assuming that *Step 8* of the guide here:[…]x

…is not correct, and I need to set particular values in my hosts file in order to get access to the endpoints?

so rather than “” etc… these need to be specific to my EC2 instance and the domain I’ve used to access it?

Any other advice or guides on how to get started with this sort of deployment?

Many thanks! :)