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Hello, I have a component that contains both an ajax-provider and an ajax-loader. During the initia

U012MFKV1D5 Posts: 13 🧑🏻‍🚀 - Cadet

Hello, I have a component that contains both an ajax-provider and an ajax-loader. During the initialization of the component, I fetch the data via the ajax-provider (and once loaded update the DOM). My problem now is that the ajax-loader is not yet mounted, and thus does not show the loading spinner when the ajaxProvider.fetch is called.

I'm looking for a way to perform the fetch only once the ajax-loader component was mounted.

I thought of some possible solutions, but I lack some understanding to realize them:
ajaxLoader.addEventListener('mounted', () => performMyAjaxCall()); I figured there has to be an event that is triggered once a component is mounted, however I didn't find such an event.
• Is there a way to specify the order in which components are mounted? Can I specify that the ajax-loader should be mounted before my custom component? Also, here I'm not quite sure if there are 2 ajax-loaders on the page is it one component mount or two?
A solution that works, is to retrieve the ajax-loader and then call ajaxLoader.mountCallback , but this seems like it's a suboptimal.

I'm grateful for any help,
best regards,