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Hello, in the second challnge of "Content & Search" it seems like the query expander doesn't hav

U01E6Q6AMHC Posts: 48 🧑🏻‍🚀 - Cadet
edited November 2020 in Academy

Hello, in the second challnge of "Content & Search" it seems like the query expander doesn't have any effect anymore. The list of dependencies is a little different like the one in the code and probably that affects my expander is not "ignored". Current list of plugins:

new StoreQueryExpanderPlugin(),
new LocalizedQueryExpanderPlugin(),
new ProductPriceQueryExpanderPlugin(),
new SortedQueryExpanderPlugin(),
new SortedCategoryQueryExpanderPlugin(CategoryFacetConfigTransferBuilderPlugin::PARAMETER_NAME),
new AttributeCartBasedBoostingQueryExpanderPlugin(),
new PaginatedQueryExpanderPlugin(),
new SpellingSuggestionQueryExpanderPlugin(),
new IsActiveQueryExpanderPlugin(),
new IsActiveInDateRangeQueryExpanderPlugin(),
new CustomerCatalogProductListQueryExpanderPlugin(),
new MerchantReferenceQueryExpanderPlugin(),

 * FacetQueryExpanderPlugin needs to be after other query expanders which filters down the results.
new FacetQueryExpanderPlugin(),

I've tried changing the order but didn't help.

Edit: it seems SortedCategoryQueryExpanderPlugin is responsible for that. Commenting that it will solve the issue. But it's probably not the correct approach, right?